Sensing movement

Cambridge Industrial Design recently completed work on a motion capture suit for start-up company Media Interakt. The MotivePro is a… Read More

Flying Christmas Trees

Happy Christmas all and merry product designing  for 2011. So last year it was a Festive Robot – this year… Read More

The ideal portfolio…

We get a lot of portfolios every year and thought (particularly as times are tough for the graduate industrial designer)… Read More

Reality check

A great article for all those daunted by Asian outsourcing

Design for Business

A design resource aimed at companies looking for design assistance.

Plane sense

A recent CID project covered in The Engineer magazine.

Manufacturing Abroad

Cambridge Industrial Design has set up a group on LinkedIn for those interested in Manufacturing Abroad.

Sustainable product design

Cambridge Industrial Design has started to use new software to examine the sustainability / environmental impact of our designs.

Sensing the pulse

Cambridge Industrial Design has worked with GE Sensing and Inspection Technologies over many years and has recently helped develop a new non-destructive test probe.


Exciting new products at PLASA 09

The Forum

Mechanical Design Forum is a great new forum started by Gareth Weeks

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